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The Chronicle of Dhanank Pambayun


Tragiklab Inc. is: The experimental playground of Dhanank Pambayun a.k.a tragikpixel evolving to an experimental room for various commercial and personal projects such as, 2d animation,graphic, digital/manual illustration, and much more, also support any independent projects, like a offline and online digital art exhibition After an intense two years experiment, tragikpixel has turned into tragiklabs.
Today with Jogjaforce Digital Art Community found daily art and design resources called Designdiary, also released DESIGNFLIP, a bimonthly design and art e-zine.


7 Responses

  1. Dy™ says:

    hi dhanank! 🙂
    im Dy,i am one of fabbio sasso’s friend.
    he was the founder (brazilian designer)
    i just wondered that may be you ant to be interviewed by me.
    and the result will be published on
    i really admire your talent. your arts is very amazing.
    thanks. if you want me to interview. your arts is very clean and has a great sense of arts. we want to interview you 🙂
    im sorry if this message disturbing you.
    but if you interest with this interview..
    please contact me. qb_buzz[at]

    best regards

  2. Molles Sandra says:

    We really like your work, and we would like to know if you would be interested to create some designs.
    We are going to launch our ecological and involved brand at the end of the summer.
    Thank you and and I hope to hear from you soon!
    Sandra Molles

  3. agunk says:

    Goood work…excelent! nice to meet you…

  4. subkhan khamidi says:

    Salam kenal ya….ilustrasinya bagus2 nih, terutama yang di kover majalah Concept, salut sama kreatifitasnya, alamatnya tak link di ya

  5. priandhani says:

    aseli keren! bikinnye pake paan, gan!

  6. Hello Tragiklab!

    We really apreciate your work, very nice; the colours, the style, for many reasons.

    We would like to propose you to edit your creations on tee shirts collectors.

    All conditions are in artist entry in the main page, but We will be happy to give you more informations.

    Best regards,

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