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The Chronicle of Dhanank Pambayun

The Black Pilgrimage Series #1

Gathered sins, made a sign and walk to the shrine


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Holy Suicide


” The end is always the new beginning, and
restrictions always exist but people should have a right to decide everything

Holy Suicide’s will be available as a T-Shirt at ARDENTEES, soon!

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JF Go Green Calendar


The Man Who Saved The World, Artwork for Jogjaforce Go Green Calendar 2009
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1290 X 1200
1440 X 900

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Featured by Slashthree Artpack 7 Afterlife

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Living on a Heart Grunge


Living on a Heart Grunge Digital artist Dhanank Pambayun shares his secrets for using Adobe® Illustrator® CS4 to give an illustration rich vintage and grunge effects. See how he uses gradients and shading to make an image come alive. He also shows you how he uses artboards to prepare the finished illustration for different types of output. His inspiration for “Living on a Heart Grunge” “These days, my influences include Tim Burton, Mati Klarwein, Raden Said, and Isaac Newton — they all inspire my taste, ideas, and style. I really love mysticism and computer graphics, so I mix them into my artwork.”

Download the Illustrator File

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The experimental playground of Dhanank Pambayun for various projects such as, 2d animation,graphic, digital/manual illustration, and much more.